In a world that is increasingly interconnected, cyber-attacks are on the rise. What’s more, they are becoming increasingly difficult to intercept. This is a new generation of challenge for companies to deal with.
your business.

THE RISKS for your company

Connected companies must now more than ever master their security and reinforce all the links in their global chain. These days, everyone agrees that the question is not whether an attack will take place – but when and why!

1 It only happens to other people!

Attacks by cybercriminals are becoming more and more targeted. All sectors of activity are being hit and the impact on business is real: loss of productivity, replacement of material, embezzlement. Today, 100% of small and large companies have been the victim of malevolent traffic. 33% of companies will take 2 years to find this out. 55% will never discover that they have been exposed to a latent menace. So no, unfortunately it does not only happen to others…
The key figures about IT security

2 IT security is expensive!

Taking targeted actions adapted to the size and environment of your company can already identify and isolate the major risks, starting with ensuring you have usable backups of your IT system. Investing in security is like taking out an insurance policy. And what is the cost of a policy like that compared to an incident? An incident that could threaten the very existence of your company…

3 Test your level of security.

If we say Locky, Teslacrypt or more recently Petya, does that ring any bells? Do you feel ready to face this sort of threat? To help you elaborate an effective cyber-defence strategy, Telindus is ready to test your organisation’s level of exposure to these attacks through a real-fake phishing campaign. The goal is to confront your employees with these new threats in order to make them aware – at no risk to you, your clients, employees or IT infrastructure. Simply complete the following form and one of our experts will get in touch very shortly.

*According to a recent study undertaken by a recognised IT security company.

Test your level of security.
To help you elaborate an effective cyber-defence strategy, Telindus is ready to run a phishing test. Complete the following form and one of our experts will get in touch very shortly.
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Telindus is there for you

OUR VISION: securing your most precious data brings you the serenity needed to develop your business.
A global approach to security
Handling a company’s precious data in total security, while ensuring it is accessible at any moment to those that are authorised in the limits of their needs while preserving the right level of confidentiality and ensuring their integrity.

Telindus takes a global approach, to help companies implement digital transformation strategy policies for securing the most critical IT systems.

For that, Telindus and its teams of security experts guide you towards the protection of your digital assets and most precious information through a complete range of security services and solutions.
Our 4 intervention areas:
Define your security strategy
Based on an analysis of your business, your global ICT landscape and your risk profile priorities, we support you in the definition of your security policy. This leads to a blueprint, as well as optimal security infrastructure.

Secure your business
Through the implementation of solutions and/or services, as well as appropriate security infrastructure, we secure the entire perimeter defined by your IT landscape. We create, strengthen and control access to protect your most sensitive assets. These solutions can be implemented by Telindus in your infrastructure or as a managed service.

Monitor and validate the security
Earn the trust of stakeholders by proving that the security management is tailored to the risks, requirements and business objectives. The audit gives an overview of the degree of protection against threats. Benefit from a system administration, measurement (reporting) and monitoring aimed at preventing, correlating, detecting, characterizing and responding effectively to security threats. Again, Telindus can implement your solutions in your environment or offer you a solution that is fully managed by us (managed services).

Create awareness and communicate
Help your employees, partners and customers to identify and respond to potential threats. Communicate in order not to have to fight alone against attacks already faced by other entities where the answers are already known.
Defining your security strategy
Define your strategy and implement the right governance. Based on an analysis of your business priorities, global ICT landscape and risk profile, we help you define your security strategy. This leads to a global blueprint as well as an optimised security infrastructure.
The objectives are the following:
  • Define an information security program aligned with your organization's objectives, priorities and risk management.
  • Identify and effectively manage information security risks by taking into account the different layers of information, from the data to the user, through the access equipment, network and application, with the priority of protecting your sensitive data.
  • Optimize the management of human and financial resources in order to implement a comprehensive and coherent approach to the nature of the risks identified at the various levels of the information system.
  • Develop measurement tools that allow you to see, using a dashboard, the security status of the company and its evolution over time.

In detail, Telindus can help you:
  • Support your business activities by developing or aligning your information security strategy (and the underlying programme of activities) with the business objectives.
  • Design with you an effective organization of the security of information that includes a clear definition of roles and responsibilities, a Steering Committee for the security of information, a program of annual or multi-year activities in connection with your priorities, as well as the definition and organization of quality assurance measures for the implemented process.
  • Improve your resource management by defining and integrating security processes and responsibilities in your organization and your existing standardized processes.
  • Together define safety indicators and a dashboard to measure the performance of the tools, processes and controls put in place to demonstrate your proper management of the security of information within your organization.
  • Align your security services with the standards, regulations and methodologies recognized as "best practices" in the market: COBIT, EBIOS, ISO / IEC 27001, 27005, 31000. The application of these standards allows you also to compare yourself to the market and understand your level of maturity compared to this standard and your competitors.
  • Enhance your security activities by demonstrating their active contribution to the process of creating value for your business.
Secure your business
Implement an infrastructure that protects your business. Through the implementation of solutions and/or services, and the appropriate security infrastructure, you can secure the entire perimeter defined by your IT landscape. Create, strengthen and control access to protect your most sensitive assets. These solutions can be implemented by Telindus into your infrastructure or supplied as a managed service.
The objectives are the following:
  • Roll out, through processes, policies, standards, procedures, solutions and products, the security policy defined and validated by the company.
  • Implement tactical solutions to respond to recommendations of an audit or a technical penetration test, for example, or to secure a new application or technology.
  • Prioritize security investments to optimize the overall security of your information system while managing the resources available.
  • React to security breaches in order to minimize their impact on your business and ensure the continuity of service.

In detail, Telindus can help you:
  • Completely secure your IT environment (iSMS) based on the ISO/IEC 27001:2013 standard, for example).
  • Identify, define, implement and maintain up-to-date security services, solutions and products adapted to your risk profile, to address a particular problem.
  • Implement "Security by Design" through a Secure Software Development Life Cycle (SSDLC), based on a unique framework developed by Telindus, which allows you to integrate security considerations into the design of applications that is guaranteed to save time and money.
  • Detect security alerts and react very quickly to incidents using managed services through our Computer Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT / CERT) and our Security Operations Center (SOC). Telindus can also help you build an in-house cybersecurity Center.
  • Secure the various components of your infrastructure networks (wifi, LAN, WAN), Internet (web, mail access...), remote access (MDM, strong,... authentication systems), systems and storage.
Monitor and validate the security
Validate the effectiveness and compliance of your cyber security devices. Win the trust of stakeholders by proving that your security management is conducted according to an approach tailored to the risks, requirements and business objectives. Get a system administration, measurement (reporting) and monitoring aimed at preventing, correlating, detecting, characterizing, and effectively responding to security threats.
The objectives are the following:
  • To identify attempted attacks on your information system, stop them before they break through or react quickly and appropriately if they succeed.
  • Assess, through targeted or global missions, the security risks that you will incur on a part or all of your information system (threats, vulnerabilities, impact).
  • Prioritize your security investments based on flaws that were highlighted (likelihood/impact) and the recommendations.
  • Translate legal and regulatory requirements into policies and security measures.

In detail, Telindus can help you:
  • Validate your Information Security Management System (ISMS), analysing it by your internal or industry norms (such as ISO 27 000, CoBIT, ENISA), providing an appraisal of your maturity in relation to best practice (CMMI…).
  • Validate the robustness of your technical chain through various penetration tests, using OWASP and OSSTMM methodologies. The following list is non-exhaustive:
    • Application tests (application web, code review, denial of service,…)
    • Network tests (mobile devices, Wi-Fi, mail gateway, VoIP, printing,...)
    • Social engineering tests (phone calls, phishing…)
  • Configuration audits of the security equipment and infrastructure components (firewall, proxy, routers, servers, VoIP, etc.).
  • Be informed of the impact of the technology monitoring on your particular environment: latest threats and related "exploits", trends in terms of security information and detour or patching actions to be taken to stay protected.
  • Accompany you in the compliance of your process with the legislation and regulations applicable in Luxembourg, in particular data protection and legislation on privacy, but also specific sectoral requirements (for example, financial CSSF).
  • Provide you with a number of "managed services" (monitoring and management of Internet threats, 24/7 security, cyber security intelligence assistance, etc.).
Create awareness and communicate
Educate your employees so as to reinforce your overall system. Help your employees, partners and customers to identify and respond to potential threats. Communicate so as not to fight alone against attacks already faced by other entities where answers are already known.
The objectives are the following:
  • Contribute to creating value by improving the knowledge and capabilities of your teams in security,
  • Inform your staff, partners and customers about behaviour that increases the security of your essential data.

In detail, Telindus can help you:
  • Train your staff in information security through initiations, certification and state-of-the-art technical courses on products & solutions. The following list is illustrative and non-exhaustive:
    • Information security governance,
    • General security of information, including the laws and regulations of training,
    • Presentation of the role and responsibilities that are specific to the information (RSSI) security officer,
    • Various training on all of the ISO / IEC 27000 family of standards (Information Security Management System, the management of information security...),
    • Introduction to hacking ethics and practical laboratory training,
    • Training in security components, including administration and the general rules and policies configuration,
    • Specific tailored training upon request,
    • ISO training and certifications by PECB,
    • The Telindus certification centre lets you get your CISSP or Microsoft certification without having to leave Luxembourg.
  • Implement specific awareness campaigns, directly in your company (customizable sessions per profile such as VIP, Business, IT, etc, in the form of case studies. The following list is again illustrative, not exhaustive):
    • Phishing tests
    • Live demos during awareness sessions (non-exhaustive list)
      • Password cracking
      • E-mail spoofing
      • Interception of e-mail content
      • Interception of Facebook passwords
  • Evaluate the resistance of your employees to Social Engineering attacks, as well as the ability of your company to respond correctly.


  • A comprehensive security approach based on your risk management
  • 35 certified experts that are dedicated to advising and accompanying you
  • A high level of involvement in the Luxembourg ecosystem
  • A Cyber Defence centre available when you need it


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